Stan Hieronymus and Brewing Local

“I could ramble on in a curmudgeonly way, because even though I’m an advocate for local ingredients in local beers I’m also a fan of reality based agricultural research.”

This quote is from the Appellation, a blog by world renown beer writer and our country’s most popular beer geek, Stan Hieronymus, in reference to @allaboutbeer’s article on the possibility of producing Florida grown hops.

He has a new book out this year focused on the theme of using locally grown ingredients as part of the brewing process. But he doesn’t seem to support research into a new ingredient. Are you perplexed by this too? On one hand he is promoting use of local ingredients and then the other he dismisses the possibility of hops in Florida as unrealistic.

We know this blog post, written last year when news broke of hops research at the University of Florida, isn’t really about us. There was a lot of room on the bandwagon to promote incredulity about Florida grown hops back then.

Ladies and gentlemen, the difficulty is that it’s just one of the many ideals we’re up against. There are others who’ve based their disbelief in Florida grown hops on reduced yields, shorter photoperiods, and the most popular, higher humidity levels; all significantly important factors in hop production. However, of all the reasons naysayers have, a lack of monetary funding for research is the most valid.

But Florida agriculture has been here before. Blueberries, for example, are produced in other states in larger quantities than we can produce in Florida. Conversely, what gives Florida it’s incredible advantages in blueberry production lie in timing. Harvest of blueberry crops in Florida exist when there is minimal competition. We have fresh blueberries in markets all over the country before many other states.

What if we do the same with hops? We think the answer to this question maybe the source of consternation for Stan and others like him.

Your support is vital in stamping out those ideals. Get a shirt. Buy a pint of Florida hopped beer. And raise it high in honor of @stanhieronymus and the other non-believers.

You’ll look good doing it.

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