December 31, 2016


Shifting Paradigms

We’re Florida Hops, against all odds. That’s how we feel about what we’re accomplishing. Craft beer has grown beyond many people’s expectations, leading to not only new breweries, new beer, but also to new opportunities and new challenges.

There was a time when hop production in Florida existed only for the interested homebrewer and the dedicated hop enthusiast. Craft beer in Florida was exploding, capturing the interests of many traditional beer drinkers, pulling them away from the big bland beer brands. Throughout the country, beer drinkers were in a utopia! But in Florida, we lacked a very important and very key homegrown ingredient, a Florida grown hop.

We sat in awe as the rest of the country enjoyed the fantastical wet hopped beers. We could only wish for the taste of a brewer’s delight. That was then, this is now. Today, you can periodically find wet and fresh hopped beers scattered throughout Florida from some of our most creative breweries who’ve partnered with some of our most innovative growers.

So, we’re here to shift paradigms. We want everyone in the state, the country, and the world to enjoy our sun soaked beaches and the flavor and aroma of our Florida hopped beers. We’ll keep you informed of beer releases with interviews with brewers and growers, news and updates on Florida’s craft beer and hop industry, as well as the industry as a whole.

Stay tuned in. It’s about to get real.

Thank you for your support.