2018 South Atlantic Hops Conference

3rd Annual South Atlantic Hops Conference Review Blacksburg, VA – People interested in all things hops came from all over the eastern coast of the United States as well as from Michigan, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Colorado to the 3rd Annual South Atlantic Hop Conference at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. The two-day conference held Read more about 2018 South Atlantic Hops Conference[…]

USDA Expands Hops Research in Florida

Researcher Dr. William Turechek of USDA Agriculture Research Station US Horticultural Research Laboratory in Fort Pierce, Florida as well as Ed Skvarch of the St. Lucie County University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Office have partnered with Richard Smith, founder and principal consultant of Florida Hops, LLC in Orlando, and Ricky Read more about USDA Expands Hops Research in Florida[…]

What Does Craft Beer’s Decline Mean for Florida Grown Hops

Florida’s lack of scientific support and progress for production research of one of the newest and most unique crops to be introduced to our state, leaves hop growers facing additional challenges unaccompanied by scientific investigation. Developing solid information on production methods for this perennial crop takes multiple seasons, leaving many inexperienced early adoptive growers to Read more about What Does Craft Beer’s Decline Mean for Florida Grown Hops[…]

Quality: The Best Hops are Fresh Hops

Without high quality standards, we have no local market. Consumers depend of local producers to provide high quality products that can’t be found in commercialized box stores. And they’re willing to pay a premium for that product. By not competing with existing products of lower quality but differentiating the product entirely on basis of higher Read more about Quality: The Best Hops are Fresh Hops[…]

Stan Hieronymus and Brewing Local

“I could ramble on in a curmudgeonly way, because even though I’m an advocate for local ingredients in local beers I’m also a fan of reality based agricultural research.” This quote is from the Appellation, a blog by world renown beer writer and our country’s most popular beer geek, Stan Hieronymus, in reference to @allaboutbeer’s Read more about Stan Hieronymus and Brewing Local[…]

Interview with Richard Smith

Florida Hops set down with Richard Smith, the University of Florida’s biological scientist focused on hop production in Florida. He is the author of the first scientific peer reviewed publication on hop production in the state. In 2014, Richard trialed 4 hop varieties in an open-sided greenhouse at the University of Florida Institute of Food Read more about Interview with Richard Smith[…]

It was all a dream….

Hops are female flowers from Humulus lupulus, commonly known as the hop plant. The flowers are used in brewing, and have been for nearly 1,000 years, to provide bitterness and aromatic qualities to beers and teas. The lupulin glands of the cones which contribute the bitterness and aroma also contain anti-microbial properties and have often been Read more about It was all a dream….[…]